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 Allamakee County Board of Adjustments
Meeting Agenda
April 10, 2019 @ 4:30 p.m.
Supervisors Office, 1st floor, Courthouse, Waukon, IA

I.      Call to Order

II.     Roll Call of Membership

III.    Approval of Agenda

IV.    Approve Minutes

        1.  March 13, 2019

VI.    Public Hearings and Action on Application:

        1.   Schroeder, Richard, 1607 Cedar Lane, Waverly, IA: (Parcel #1319400007) Lot 1 , NE 1/4 SE 1/4, Section 19, T98N, R2W, Property Address, 2596 Heytman Drive, Lansing, IA, current owners are William and Beth Ann Dixon, 402 S 4th St., Fairbank, IA;- Consideration of an Application for a Variance, reducing the front yard setback to 0 feet where the required setback is 40 feet to allow a personal storage building be constructed.

        2.  Wennes Communications, Stations Inc, (Parcel #0207200017) SE ¼ NE ¼, Section 7, T100N, R5W, Union City township,; Property Owners: Luttchens LLC, Access to site will be across neighboring property located at 771 State Line Drive, Dorchester, IA – Consideration of an Application for a Conditional Use, allowing a 499’ Communication Tower to be built in an A-1 district.

        3.   Dettmer, Wayne, 1941 Lansing Harpers Rd., Lansing, IA; (Parcel #0832428022) Lots 105, 106 and 107, NE 1/4 SE 1/4, Section 32, Township 99N, Range 3W; Consideration of an application for a variance, reducing the front yard setback to 14 feet where 25 feet is required to allow a residence be constructed.

VII.    New Business

VIII.   Old Business

IX.     Adjourn


Allamakee County Zoning Commission
Tenative Meeting Agenda
March 18, 2019 @ 5:00 p.m.
Supervisors Office, 1st floor, Courthouse, Waukon, IA

I.     Call to Order/Roll Call of Membership

II.    Approval of Agenda

III.   Approval of Minutes

       a. February 18, 2019

IV.   Public Comment – Time for Citizens to present subjects not on the Agenda.

V.    Public Hearings 

      a.   Kelly Rentals - Zoning District Change Request - R1 to C1 to allow rental storage building

      b.   George Ashbacher/Verizon Wireless - R-1 to A-1 to allow Wireless Communication Tower

VI.   Old Business

      a.  Short term rental housing (vacation rentals, etc.)

VII.  New Business

        a.   Subdivision Plat- Goettler, Oswald and Carol Lee

        b.   Subdivision Plat- Vorwald, David

        c.   Subdivision Plat- Dennis J. & Judy L. Byrnes

        d.  Subdivision Plat- Lanny L. & Linda L. Scheffert

        e.   Subdivison Plat- Cole, Dan Sr.

VIII. Reports

       a.  Discuss amendment to Cell Tower Site Act of Iowa.

IX.   Adjourn


Board of Adjustment


Zoning Commission