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Allamakee County Board of Adjustments
Meeting Agenda
June 21, 2017 @ 4:30 p.m.
Supervisors Room, First Floor, Courthouse, Waukon, IA

I.      Call to Order

II.     Roll Call of Membership

III.    Approval of Agenda

IV.    Approve Minutes

        1.   May 31, 2017

V.     Public Hearings and Action on Applications: 

        1.     Becker, Tim and Kris, 2234 Highway 26, Lansing, IA – Application for a variance from Section 114.3 of the Allamakee Zoning Ordinance to allow the owner to reduce the area of a legal non-conforming lot by selling a portion of their parcel to a neighbor. Lot B,D, E, F and G in Government Lot 9, Section 18, T99N, R3W.

        2.     Gavin, Kelly, 1707 Point Vista Lane, Lansing, IA—Application for a variance from Section 202.4 of the Allamakee County Zoning Ordinance to allow construction of a residence less than 40 feet from the front right of way (setback reduction of 40 feet requested) on Lot 19, The Preserve Subdivision, Allamakee County, IA.

        3.     Denk, Dan and Althoff, Cletus and Iva Nell, 2450 Hwy 76 SE, Waukon, IA—Application for a variance from Section 202.4 of the Allamakee County Zoning Ordinance to allow a non-farm residence use be created on a lot that is less than 3 acres in area. The lot/parcel is located at the above address.  

VI.     New Business

VII.    Old Business

VIII.    Adjourn


  Allamakee County Zoning Commission
Tentative Meeting Agenda
June 19, 2017 @ 6:00 p.m.
Supervisors Office, 1st floor, Courthouse, Waukon, IA

I.     Call to Order/Roll Call of Membership

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.    Approval of Minutes

        a.  May 17, 2017

IV.    Public Comment – Time for Citizens to present subjects not on the Agenda.

V.     Public Hearings

VI.    Old Business

        a.   Shooting Ranges, proper districts, restrictions, etc.

        b.   Fireworks legislation (state) and local regulation of same.

VII.   New Business

       a.     Online permitting software  

       b.     Subdivision Plat-John and Janice Rea

       c.     Subdivision Plat-Gavin Sherburne     

       d.     Comprehensive Plan proposal/contract

VIII.   Reports

       a.      Activity Report

 IX.     Adjourn



Board of Adjustment


Zoning Commission