Board Openings

Board/Commission Application


The following Boards/Commissions for Allamakee County have openings or a term is expiring.  If you have an interest in applying for appointment or reappointment to any of these Boards/Commissions, please contact the Auditor's office for an application or print the application on the County website ( ). 

BOARD/COMMISSION                   TERM                                                    OPENINGS/TERMS EXPIRING

Planning & Zoning Comm             5 yrs from 10/1/17-9/30/22                                         1

Historic Preservation Comm       3 yrs from 10/4/17-10/3/20                                                  2

*Pioneer Cemetery Comm          3 year terms                                                                        9

                *This is a new commission, therefore 3 new members will have a term expiring 12/31/18,

                                3 will have a term expiring 12/31/19, and 3 will have a term expiring 12/31/20.

Applications are due to Auditor’s office at 110 Allamakee St, Waukon, by September 25, 2017.