110 Allamakee Street Waukon, Iowa 52172 | (563) 568-2204

A.S.A.P Board Members

110 Allamakee Street Waukon, Iowa 52172 | (563) 568-2204

Pat Stilwell    Shelby Hanson
Sherry Strub    Cassie Howe
Julie Rotach    Pedro Lopez
Sam Hisel    Jorge Cardona
Amy Wasson    Sammy Miller
Conrad Rosendahl    Molly Brackett
Jeannine Hisel    Mary Jo Moore
Rev. Lynn Groe    Tiana Kubitz
Tristan Keene    Connor Hanson
Courtney Cooper    Will Keenan

Our Mission:
It is the mission of ASAP to reduce the rate and effects of substance use and abuse in Allamakee County. We believe that through an asset-building approach to education, information, and early intervention, we can prevent substance abuse, therefore, enhancing and improving the lives of the citizens of Allamakee County.

Jean Bossom,  Coordinator(563) 568-2204

Maxine Grotegut, SPF-SIG Coordinator (563)568-2204


A County and Community funded agency serving Allamakee County for over 27 years.

ASAP has been in existence in Allamakee County since 1984. We are a substance abuse prevention program that is funded by the Allamakee County Board of Supervisors, an Iowa State Grant, and various local contributors. ASAP provides substance abuse education, information, consultation, resource and referral services for Allamakee County communities and residents. Our philosophy is based on the Asset-Building approach of the Search Institute. We believe that substance abuse prevention and building assets should be fun and exciting. We strive to do activities and lessons that are both fun and educational. ASAP offers a great, free resource to Allamakee County. Call to schedule a presentation, program, or event today!
“Making A Difference”

A well-known author was vacationing on a beautiful coast. One morning very early, he was walking along the beach. In the distance, he saw a lone figure dancing. Fascinated by this celebration of dawn, he moved closer. It was then that he realized that the young man was not dancing, but picking objects from the beach and tossing them into the sea in one graceful movement. As he approached the young person, he saw that he was throwing starfish. “Why are you throwing starfish into the water?” he was asked. “If the starfish are still on the beach when the tide goes out and the sun rises higher in the sky, they will die,” replies the young child as he continued tossing the starfish out to sea. “That’s ridiculous! There are thousands of miles of starfish on the beach. You can’t really believe that you’ll possibly make a difference!” the observer exclaimed. The young child picked up another starfish, paused thoughtfully and remarked as he tossed it out into the waves, “But I made a differences to that one!”